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Calvin and Hobbes – Change

Calvin and Hobbes - Change


Everything is changing when we are not looking,
Drop by drop, brick by brick.
And one day when you turn back to tell,
how you have changed into someone you never were;
It giggles and says,
“By the time you adjusted your sail for the wind;
The wind changed it’s direction so where it never went”

A Tale of Two

A Tale of Two


Here’s how you read it.

Read it as you do from top to bottom,
But on your way from bottom to top; just read the highlighted words to finish the story.

Everything was going to change.

His feelings for her hadn’t changed since he first saw her.

It was a big day for them.

There was red on the whole floor. It was all covered with roses.

Love was coming right through his heart; pure, unadulterated.

The cake was cut and candles were distinguished.

The table knife fell as he pushed the trolley.

He took The cake and smeared it on her face.

It was ruby coloured; the way she liked.

He threw the box and took it’s belonging in his hands.

She said yes.

He gently, pecked on her lips.

They tied the knot next day.

She had married the guy who had loved her all the time.

Happiness is what was supposed to follow.

She liked love stories, he liked murder mysteries.

They never changed. But never stopped loving.

They were different, but with same motive.

Her sister got molested.

Life changed.

If only she knew who he was.

The sister died.

She was broken.

It was when he was out of town.

The killer did what he had to.

Life had just revealed the ugly part

Death took her sister, her love.

She wanted revenge.

All that she was left with were memories.

Calvin and Hobbes – on growing up

Calvin and Hobbes - Sense

*20 years later*

C: Here we are. Wait.. Wha..? this does not.. How?..

H: Uh.

C: What if we are only to believe that it all should make sense until the day we are on our deathbed and then find out that we were supposed to give meaning to it?

H: That would be a bummer.

Journey Within

Journey Within

I was searching for that beam,
That bright bundle of light,
Which can eliminate the night,
They say it has powers,
Some glorious ones,
I was looking for it with a motive in mind,
And I think that the deed was kind,
It finds it’s way to you they say,
And so I patiently waited a whole day,
It was not hard as I had company,
Men with different dreams, different destinies,
I waited for days to come,
Till the company reduced from many to some,
And then I waited for some more,
Then I was left all alone,
I still waited till I lost the count,
Days went by and so did nights,
But the famous light was nowhere in sight,
Then I heard something in silence,
The sky thundered and the water mumbled,
“So you’re the one who’s left,
From the geniuses and the deft,
For what you seek is not hard to find,
It’s just that you have the wrong idea in mind!
You’re finding it beyond the limits of man’s reach,
But it is in vain, you’re not looking where it is found,
If you want that ray of hope; that beam,
Start your search from within”

Rural Sun

Rural Sun

Why so?

Her mother wiped a tear off with a dirt-ridden sari, as the girl glued her eyes towards her waiting for a reply.

Why so? She asked again. Why don’t we get to have a house big enough for us to live? Why don’t I get to have a cycle? Or or you a new sari? Why do you have to burn your hands… always on that stupid “choohla”?  Why Why??

Her mother again looked at her, looping the end of sari with a finger, as her lap constantly moved up and down, to make her infant son sleep. She bit her lower lip and shook her head, as she heard the same unanswered questions, she avoids every morning, every night.

Just as the little 9-year-old was about to shoot another round of WHYs which pierced like shards of glasses to her mother, a train passed. They didn’t have the luxury enough to afford a home with electricity, hence a house near the railway track. Free light at least (street-lamp).

As the train whooshed, her mother heaved a sigh of relief, at least, a momentary time to think. But, not for long. For that train was soon going to pass, somehow she felt that distinctly annoying shuttering sound of a train a lot comforting than the utter silence that was going to follow.

The girl again looked at her mother.  Now silent. Just looking at her infant brother. That hurt her mother even more, as she helplessly looked to her daughter.

“It will change”, that’s all she said. The child cried no more, silently it slept.

It will change she said. The girl glanced at her mother, looking for an explanation.

You see, most of the people get to see the sun only during the day, not even the richest of rich can have the sun for a night. Yes, they have got the mighty moon, but what is more, as compared to the SUN?

Right or not? asked the mother. The girl half-nodded, still trying to figure it out. The only thing the “Sun” reminded her was of the yellow figure she was taught to draw, on the corner of the paper , in her school. So much to call it a school, though. Learning from teachers who only make them realise.Realise each single day that nothing is going to make a difference. That how high they dream and how much they study, their past will always catch up. Making her face darkness in bright sun. Making her feel lonely in the whole lot. Making her realize each day that she would never be like the other half of INDIA. she would always be the tainted half.

I don’t understand, pleaded the child.

“Look up”. The mother said.

“I see nothing”. snapped the child, now turning a little impatient.

Are you sure? Don’t you see the light?  All yellow?

God, gave us the sun for ourselves. All for us. said the mother, as she caressed her hand on her daughter’s head and kissed her on the forehead.

The child blinked. Just blinked. Looking at the “sun of night”. She looked at it, as she went into a deep sleep.

This was an attempt of mine to depict the story of various rural families of India.

I would like to add something.

The talk of the sun, of an otherwise helpless mother, gave assurance to the child. Sometimes assurance leads to content. And content to happiness. It is not always so. But that’s the point,  one CANNOT be always happy.

Asking for more is Human’s nature.Striving for more is again, Human’s nature. Wanting Happiness is Human’s nature.

The child found something in that yellow light. It was not happiness, NO. It was the absence of sadness.

As I say,

One can only be happy when one understands the fact that one cannot be always happy.

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